Geospatial World Expedition

US Geospatial Market and Economy

15th June – 20th July

Overview of US Geospatial Market and Economy

The USA, with its pioneering spirit and innovative prowess, stands tall in the global geospatial arena. Boasting a robust economy and a rich legacy of technological breakthroughs, the nation leads the charge in shaping the future of geospatial technologies. With its GDP constituting nearly a quarter of the global economy, and a thriving geospatial sector poised to surge at an impressive 18.3 percent CAGR between 2023 and 2025, the USA remains a beacon of innovation. Spearheaded by advancements in Artificial Intelligence, immersive technologies, and Cloud computing, the American geospatial landscape is undergoing a transformative renaissance. Moreover, driven by sectors such as Defense, infrastructure, location-based services, and urban development, the demand for geospatial solutions underscores its vital role in fortifying national security and propelling economic prosperity in the country. Legislative frameworks like the Geospatial Data Act (GDA), the National Geospatial Strategic Plan 2035 [working document], innumerable space policies and regulations, and burgeoning partnerships across public and private sectors further underscore the dynamic nature of the USA geospatial industry, calling for adaptability and collaboration to thrive in this evolving landscape.

In the above context, Geospatial World is thrilled to present a series of sessions in the USA on the USA Geospatial Market and Economy. The sessions will delve the intricate dynamics shaping urban landscapes nationwide. These sessions will focus on following topics:

  • Explore the US Geospatial market size and forecast, trade dynamics, government spending, regulations, and emerging opportunities, emphasizing collaboration and innovation for growth.
  • Delve into Generative AI, GeoAI, Machine Learning, AR/VR/XR, Cloud Computing, and Robotics' significance in driving geospatial innovation and efficiency.
  • Explore trends and directions of geospatial maturity within Defense, infrastructure, location-based services, and urban development, highlighting driving forces and market expansion implications within the USA.
  • Deliberate on the influence of USA’s geospatial policies such as the Geospatial Data Act, Executive Order 13905 for Assured PNT services, National Geospatial Strategic Plan (2035), regulatory standards, market opportunities, and collaboration initiatives.
  • Discuss and deliberate on the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration and public-private partnerships in driving innovation, sustainable development, and societal resilience within the USA communities.


  • 17th June, Monday | 0900 - 1300 hrs | St. Louis
  • 18th June, Tuesday | 1400 - 1800 hrs | Philadelphia
  • 20th June, Thursday | 1300 - 1700 hrs | Virginia
  • 25th June, Tuesday | 1400 - 1800 hrs | Orlando
  • 28th June, Friday | 0900 - 1300 hrs | Denver
  • 17th July, Wednesday | 1500 - 1900 hrs | San Diego
  • 19th July, Friday | 0900 - 1300 hrs | Mountain View


Welcome Note by co-host

Keynote Address: US Geospatial Market and Economy

Discussion Topics

  • Deep Tech and Geospatial Industry -
    AI/ML | Cloud Computing | IoT | Digital Twin
  • Key Sectors Driving Geospatial Industry -
    Defense | Infrastructure | Location Based Services | Utilities (Energy)
  • Partnerships and Business Models
  • Regulatory Frameworks and Public Policy: Shaping the US Geospatial Market
  • Open house discussions and QnA
  • Networking Reception


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